CSMC Youth Camp 2022.The CSMC Youth Camp is an Annual Youth Event for members of the Faith, organized by the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide. Camp opens on Saturday, August 13th and closes Saturday, August 20th, 2022. The Camping Ground is CSMC International Headquarter Grounds, Km 24, Ilorin-Ibadan Expressway, Galilee, Orile-Igbon, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Be Informed that:
1. You come to Camp with all required Camp Materials.
2. Non-Camp Materials will not be permitted in your custody.

Camp Rules and Regulations
1. No Zone, District or Branch is permitted to stay in separate lodge asides the hostel that has been made available for all campers.

2. Maximum respect must be accorded to one another regardless of age or title (hence there must be no form of fighting or violence)

3. The accepted uniform for most activities is plain white garment with red girdle (except for Sunday service and during any other activity in which a specified type of outfit would be expected to be worn- e.g., Aerobics, Sports/Games)

4. All campers and officials must always wear their identification tags

5. No Camper is allowed to go out of the camp site nor receive guest for any reason without proper permission from the right quarters

6. No male Camper is permitted in the female hostel and vice versa

7. No Camper is allowed to loiter around either in the premises, market or in the hostel when camp activities are ongoing and lateness to activities would not be condoned either.

8. Eating around in the auditorium is highly prohibited, hence all campers must restrict eating to the dining only.

9. Campers must always dress decently (For females- no eye lashes, dangling earrings nor flashy makeup and transparent or indecent dressing is allowed and no male is allowed to be on artificial dreadlocks or indecent haircuts either)

10. All Camp site facilities must be properly taken care of & cleaned where applicable, especially after use (Be it in the Auditorium, Hostels or anywhere)

11. Light out must he duly observed by all campers, and no activity of any such should hold afterwards.

Failure to adhere to camp rules as stated would warrant that such camper(s) be sent back home.

In and for your own good interest, kindly abide by all rules and regulations so we all can have a wonderful and punishment free 1 week stay and co-habitation.

Meet all our Ministers, Gospel Minstrels & Resource personnels for the 41st Annual International Youth Camp tagged “Encounter For Supernatural Turnaround” at a glance. Tag him or her👌Hurry and make your payment now:Bank: PolarisAccount name:CHERUBIM & SERAPHIM YOUTH CAMPAcct. Number:1140163155(Send proof of payment and details of attendee to Camp Executives afterwards)REGISTER HERE: (IT’S COMPULSORY)


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