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Balm of Gilead Media group is one that has a vision to drive gospel music in Nigeria to another level, looking to affect the world through spirit-inspired music, with the premise of causing a paradigm shift in the lives of people and also bringing the heart of God closer to the people.

Balm of Gilead Media group is led by Gabriel Oladipupo, a producer, Song writer, worship Leader, cinematography, Event Concept developer, and Gospel Artist Promoter and Marketer, who is also a member and Assistance National P R O of Music Label Owners Association of Nigeria, adding to his profile He is the CEO Balm of Gilead Music, Balm of Gilead Media and Atgos Project Investment Ltd.


Recently, from our research and studies, we have come to the realization that Christians in the entertainment industry have lost the primary purpose of which they were called, it has become a notable trend amongst gospel artistes to go diabolical in a bid to succeed while still hiding under the premise of true Christianity, so many unpleasant and appalling examples buttress our point and has created in us a burning desire to ensure efforts are made to the eradication of falsities in Christianity.

This is a trend we believe should by all means be corrected, and it is on this premise that we see the need for a retreat aimed at tackling pertinent issues in Christianity and the examples Christians should set in the world.


  • Addressing the minister and his walk with God
  • The role of the minister in the life of the congregation
  • Transparency, integrity and cultivation of values in the lives of the minister
  • The role of money in Christianity,and
  • Steps to becoming a firebrand minister
  • To expose the spiritual mandate of their callings, and the expectations of God
  • To create a paradigm shift in the thought patterns of gospel ministers, by reiterating the need to be hundred percent dependent on God.
  • Highlighting the general challenges facing Nigerian Gospel artistes, and also solutions to these challenges, and Enlightening the gospel minister on how to remained relevant
  • To become a brand, and how to capitalize on current global trends, like digital marketing amongst others.


* To inspire, improve, people to change the world through meaningful innovation and give them the tools they need to succeed.